Articles about Windows 2003 Server

handling 404 errors on hosted CMS

A general housekeeping task for CMS systems such as Wordpress and Drupal and other websites and good practice to keep your site SEO high is to make sure you are gracefully handling missing pages (404 errors).
One of the routine tasks to carryout is checking for crawl errors in Google Webmaster tools. If you see any missing pages in the list it is worth making sure you have some measures in place to handle these and ideally issue a 301 redirect so that Google and other search engines update their indexes.

Securing access to files on your website

It is easy to forget that the files in your web site are visible to anyone even if they are not linked to or are not files normally requested. In this post we look at how to use the.htaccess file to control access to your site.

Windows Server 2003: House keeping Services

Doing a bit of housekeeping this morning. One of my irregular tasks is to run through the server event logs and deal with any issues (with a strong cup of coffee).

Not many this morning fortunately.

One related to a service entry left behind after an uninstall (used to share this server with a bunch of C# developers who loved all sorts of 3rd party apps).

The one in question was CruiseControl. The app had been removed OK but have left behind a service entry that failed as the app was no longer there.

The Species Dictionary at the Natural History Museum

To create an online representation of the NBN Species Dictionary. The required version was to be a simple reflection of the structure of the data model to highlight the concepts and the content of the standards promoted by the Species Dictionary.