Articles about Biodiversity

A web site to support the Reforestation of the Atlantic Forest

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew engaged us to convert an existing MS Access desktop database into a multilingual CMS based web site. The site is a responsive mobile and tablet friendly CMS based web site that enables the management of a database of tree data for conservation purposes. The data relate to trees native to the Atlantic Forests of Brazil that could be used for reforestation - The South Eastern Bahia Atlantic forest database.

Wet Woods Restoration Project Website

To design, create & host a web site to highlight the work undertaken for the LIFE project for the management and conservation of wet woodlands in Scotland. The resulting web site was also to present a gallery of photographs depicting wet woodlands and their management.

The resulting web site used a mixture of static and dynamic ASP based HTML. The various cases studies of woodland sites and their management and conservation status are linked to the gallery of photographs available. We provide the domain registration and hosting for this site.


Produce a first version of a web site to highlight the work undertaken by organisations in the UK supporting the International Convention on Biological Diversity. The client required that the design enabled their in-house staff to continue the production of the site. The client also wanted to have a geographical searching method to enable visitors to the site to search for details about biodiversity initiatives in their area.

The Species Dictionary at the Natural History Museum

To create an online representation of the NBN Species Dictionary. The required version was to be a simple reflection of the structure of the data model to highlight the concepts and the content of the standards promoted by the Species Dictionary.

Encryption of 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey maps for Recorder

To enable the secure distribution of the 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map series for use with the Recorder 2000 application. The maps were to be encrypted and supplied on CD. Users of the CD set should be able to apply for unlock keys for maps, to which they access, by email, fax or post. Once unlocked, the maps should be automatically installed for use with the Recorder 2000 software.

The National Biodiversity Metadata Index

To create the foundation for a metadata standard to be used across organisations working together for the conservation of biodiversity. In addition to the production of a ’standard’ the client commissioned a metadata collection exercise to ‘pump prime’ the initiative. The client also required a dynamic web site to show case the metadata collected.