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Images not showing in IE8

I came across a weird situation today - that I am surprised I have not encountered (or remember encountering) before. Images that show up fine in all browsers apart from IE8 - which displays the broken image with a red cross. Came across this by chance when we were doing some cross browser testing - and of course it was a rare inconsistent issue that affects IE...

Site Maintenance and Hosting

To ensure that we are able to provide the quality of website services our clients have come to expect we provide the full services of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This enables us to provide custom, secure and high performance website solutions.  We provide services to manage the complete web presence for your website from registration and hosting through security and performance monitoring and support.

Technology Articles

Update: we have now combined this site with our main site! And all the articles are available in the one site.

We wanted to create a home for our knowledgebase and created the website Here we provide a range of articles and posts covering issues from using CMS systems such as Drupal through to security articles covering securing access to your website.

Social Media Marketing

We all know the popularity of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and the like – but have you considered how these channels can be used to widen the audience for your website information and services. Access to these services provides new and compelling opportunities for promoting your business to a wide and very immediate audience. We have a good track record of leveraging these services to provide creative marketing solutions for our clients