Specialist development & hosting

Who are we? An established development team with a proven track record of systems design and web development.

What do we do? We build responsive, high performance web sites using open source frameworks such as Drupal™

How do we work? Using Agile project management we work with our clients in an open and transparent way to achieve exactly what they require as cost effectively as possible.

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Responsive design

Our Services

End-to-end services to meet your requirements

From the initial specification and architecture of a web site through the development and design to the support and maintenance of live sites.

  • Web site build and design - With over 14 years of experience and using the latest technologies.
  • eCommerce - We are highly experienced with Drupal commerce and regularly contribute our knowledge and code back to Drupal commerce ecosystem.
  • High performance Drupal hosting - On our high spec & secure Drupal optimised servers.
  • Information architecture - Established heritage in systems analysis, data modelling and data migration.
  • Custom Drupal development - From custom module development to API integration we help many other Drupal organisations and 3rd party providers.

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How we do it

We start with what your requirements are

We start a conversation with you and your information so that the system we design and build is what you need. We don't use you as a guinea pig for our latest experiments.

We base our systems on a secure high performance stack using open source technologies.

Many of our clients come to us initially to troubleshoot their existing systems and often migrate to our servers so that we can provide the hands on care and support they require.

With a robust workflow from infrastructure automation, source control managed development and deployment through to transparent Agile project management we provide secure, transparent and highly cost effective support for your online business.

Drupal™ life cycle support
Our services - We use open source server technologies
Our services - We automate the build of our servers
Our services - We are experts in data management
Our services - We have in house expert developers
Our services - We specialise in Drupal development
Our services - We use version control and git deployment

The Framework

Open Source™

Open Source Software provides the foundation for the services we provide. With no licensing fees, no vendor lock in and access to a world-wide collaboration of developers we all benefit from free software that is regularly checked for security and updated, can be developed by anyone and has a vast library of knowledge to draw upon.


Drupal™ provides the framework for most of our projects. Hosted on our performance tuned architecture we offer a 24/7 365 days a year presence for your business on the web. We use GIT within a tried and tested dev-staging-live work flow, to keep your code safe, open source technologies to make your web site reliable and extensible.

Drupal Commerce

We specialise in the latest extension to the Drupal ecosytem - Drupal Commerce. Providing a ground breaking online store for your business that is integrated within your web site seamlessly.

Drupal Commerce farmework

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The Team

The team

In 2000 Blue-Bag was created by George Boobyer and Guy Schneerson to pool their experience and expertise.

Both George and Guy had been working for many years developing Information systems for a wide variety of clients and platforms. In 2010 we took the decision to move to open source technologies and moved away from proprietary and bespoke Windows based software and IIS/ .Net based web site development. Since then we have specialised in providing Drupal solutions on Linux hosting. This has enabled us to provide extremely competitive solutions that fit our customer's needs and don't tie them down to us as a provider - Our clients stay with us because they want to not because they have to!

Although we are based in the UK we have undertaken development work for clients across the globe from the USA to Russia.